1. Linguistic Typology with R (DGfS Bremen, February 2019)

  2. Linguistic Typology with R (Pavia, September 2015)

  3. Language Comparison in the Big-Data Era (LOT Summerschool Nijmegen, June 2014)

  4. Linguistic Typology with R (Summerschool Quantitative Methods, Pavia, September 2012)

  5. Quantitative Typology  (LOT Summerschool Leiden, Summer 2009) course page

  6. Quantitative Approaches to Lexical Comparison (Leipzig Spring School on Linguistic Diversity, Leipzig, Spring 2008) course page

  7. The Analysis of Typological Data (Leipzig Spring School on Linguistic Diversity, Leipzig, Spring 2006) course description - cysouwTYPOLOGYslides.pdf - cysouwTYPOLOGYhandout.pdf

  8. Using WALS: Prospects of Quantitative Approaches for Linguistic Typology (Plenary Evening Lecture at the LSSLD, Leipzig, Spring 2006) cysouwWALSLSSLD.pdf

  9. Typology (LOT Summerschool, Tilburg, Summer 2003) cysouwLOTdescription.pdf handouts: cysouwLOT1.pdf - cysouwLOT2.pdf - cysouwLOT3.pdf - cysouwLOT4.pdf