Language Description Heritage

MPDL-funded project 2009-2011


The MPI for Evolutionary Anthropology (MPI-EVA) collected scientific books and articles - mainly from the field of Linguistics, which were provided online and publicly accessible, but which often vanish from the internet after a short time. The project aims at conserving these articles for scientific work and to increase their usability by extending and using tools developed or licensed by the MPDL, such as PubMan (Publication Management) and Lucene.

Furthermore, the project aims at extending PubMan in such a way that personal collections of electronic documents can be created by scientists. To establish such personal collections and to be able to provide access to them to colleagues is another building block of PubMan for growing into a valuable tool the researchers of the Max-Planck-Society.

Finally, the MPI-EVA aims at setting up a workflow for clarifying and documenting the rights situation for the corresponding texts. The tools and workflows developed in this project will be useful for other MPIs and the MPDL for other projects.

  1. Official Title: Linguistic texts - enhancing PubMan

  2. Funding: MPDL internal project

  3. Duration: 2009-2011

  4. Principal Investigators: Bernard Comrie, Michael Cysouw, Malte Dreyer

  5. Staff: Kirstin Baumgarten

  6. Budget: 192.500 EUR


  8. Webpage: Language Description Heritage - an open access digital library